P.A Days

Here you will find information on Canadian Extreme Sports P.A Day program.

(Susie, camp director, 613-779-7565)

Our P.A Day Program

  1. Multi sports activities
    1. Hiking,
    1. Biking,
    1. Rock Climbing,
    1. Huge field games (everyone it tag and more)
  2. Free time in the lounge, their choice
    1. Continue the sports challenges
    1. Socializing
    1. Movies
    1. Crafts
    1. Finish rock climbing before parental pick-up
  • Enrollment is limited to 16 students per P.A Day. Please enroll early to avoid disappointment.
    • Ages 6 and up, must be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels comfortably.
  • P.A Days tuition: $75 per day, from 8 AM to 6 PM, flat rate
    • Friday October 1st.
    • Thanksgiving, October 11th
    • Monday November 1st.
    • Wednesday February 2nd.
    • Family Day, Monday February 21rst
    • Good Friday, Friday April 15th
    • Easter Monday, Monday April 18th
    • Friday April 29th.
    • Victoria Day, Monday May 23rd
    • Friday June 3rd
  • Winter Camp: $ 300/week, from 9AM to 4PM
    • December 20th to December 24th, 2021
  • Spring Camp: $300/week, from 9AM to 4PM
    • March 14th to March 18th.