At-Home Birthday Party for Adults

Tips for Hosting a Fun At-Home Birthday Party for Adults

Are you planning a Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults? If you think kids have fun at birthday parties, wait till you go to an adult’s birthday party. Sure, kids are easily overjoyed by clowns and candy, but that doesn’t mean that you and me cannot have a grand time with friends and family on our birthdays. The biggest reason that we like adult birthday parties so much is that they are a celebration of life and friendship. The people who come to your birthday party are the ones you want to keep in your life.

Planning a birthday party for adults can be a bit perplexing. Whenever adults think of a party, it usually involves alcohol and music. While that may be a good idea, it isn’t really a birthday party if all your friends just get together and get drunk. Going out of town is a great idea for a birthday party but adults have jobs and it will probably not be possible for all your friends to take a day off just for your birthday. What this means is that you are going to have to host a birthday party at your home. The challenge then is to make sure that the party is fun for all the people who show up.

Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults

What a great Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults should have

Before we give you tips, it is important to understand what we are trying to accomplish. In our opinion, a birthday party for adults should be fun, it should foster communication between all the attendees, it should have an emotional core to it, and it needs to allow people to let go and party. Often people just buy a lot of booze and have everybody get drunk but that isn’t really what we are aiming for here. We actually want to celebrate a birthday and create memories and thus we will be trying to create activities where people can share their feelings and their stories. Also, the one thing adults like to do more than anything is to act like children again. How do we do this? Well, have we got tips for you!

Custom Drinks

There are many excellent companies which customize beer labels for parties and events. This is a great idea and it really sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Make a funny image of the person whose birthday it is and order an adequate number of beers with the image on the label. Customized beer bottles are the adult version of having a customized cake in our opinion. Some of these companies will even help you with designing the image, so don’t worry if you don’t have photo editing skills. You can even simply include a picture of the birthday boy or birthday girl and add some text on it if you don’t want to complicate things.

Let Them Eat Cake

Just because you are hosting the Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults doesn’t mean that you can skip the cake. The cake is going to be the centerpiece of the party. One thing we personally do not like is fondant designs on cakes. Fondant is this special type of sugar and water mixture which allows bakers to make crazy designs. If you have seen a cake which seemed to be made of plastic because you couldn’t imagine a design that intricate being baked then you know what we are talking about. Sure, these cakes look great, but the fondant tastes really, really bland and bad. Get a simple cake which people will enjoy eating. This depends on what you and your friends value. If there is something the birthday boy/girl loves which the cake can be shaped into then go for it. Just remember that the taste isn’t going to be good anymore.

Let Adults be Kids

If you think children enjoy children’s activities wait till you see adults do them. As much as we like being adults, we all miss the time when we were kids. We were free of responsibility and we could just have a good time without being pre-occupied by how other people look at us. If you are able to get adults to act like kids again your whole birthday party will be a huge success. Begin by passing out party hats to everyone. Create a big circle of people singing happy birthday while the cake is cut.

Here’s a secret: Once you introduce a bit of silliness into the party everyone will have a whole lot more fun. Adults want to have fun but still want to look cool. The couples at your party will be trying to look good in front of the other couples. The single people will be trying to attract people from their preferred genders. This means that people will be thinking of their image and the party won’t be fun. Once you make it clear that clowning around is perfectly fine and expected, people will know that having fun is the right thing to do at this party.

Create a play area

This is something you can only do if you have the space in your yard, but creating a fun play area is going to make your party instantaneously memorable. Seriously, when was the last time you went to a birthday party and saw an inflatable slide, a mobile rock climbing wall, or an inflatable obstacle course there? When we get invited to a Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults, we know how things will go. We bring some gift, everyone sits and eats cake, then drink a little, and then go back home. When people see that you have a play area they will know you mean business. A word of caution though; a little booze and a play area results in everyone enjoying. A lot of drinking and a play area isn’t the best idea though. The worst that happens is someone pukes on a slide or inflatable course and no one else gets to enjoy it. Though, since it is an adult birthday party, we can expect people to moderate so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults

Give it a theme

Remember how rad themed parties were when we were kids? Well, themes still work. You can give it a 300 theme, or a Batman theme, or any theme which the birthday girl/guy would dig. If you really want to have fun you can even make the theme something the birthday boy/girl liked as a kid. It is highly likely that most of the friends of the birthday boy/girl are of the same age and thus would have known the same cartoon or music as a kid. If you try to give the birthday party a ‘My Little Pony’ theme, you will not have a good time. If you try to give it a Hey Arnold, Courage the Cowardly Dog, or Johnny Bravo theme it will go over much better. Superheroes are always a safe bet if you are inviting families to the birthday party as well since adults and kids can partake in it alike.

Let people tell stories

One thing which always makes Fun At Home Birthday Party for Adults awkward is the meeting of several different social circles. Your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family might be there. A great way to get people to mingle is to have them tell stories involving the birthday boy/girl. Simply send out an email to all the people attending saying “Can you please let us know a good time you had with the birthday boy/girl or some story you were both involved in?” and you will end up with great results. As different people chime in on why they like being friends with the birthday boy/girl and tell stories everyone will have a good time. Do keep in mind that the birthday boy/girl needs to be the type of person who may have been a part of such stories; you don’t want the party to be a downer because no one has a fun story to tell.

Remember whose birthday it is

This is a big one; you have to make sure that the activities at the birthday party are things the birthday boy/girl actually likes. Even if the party you organized is very fun, it will count as a failure if the person whose birthday it was didn’t enjoy it. You don’t have to make sure that every activity is something they like but always make sure they have a great time. If they are having a great time then everyone else will also be having a great time.

You also have to make sure everything fits in well with the people attending. If the age range of the people attending is 18-25 then you can pick youthful activities like dancing. If the age range is older, figure something out which will work for them. Another great idea is to create a separate area for kids to play in if families are invited. This way the adults get to have their own fun while the kids will have a blast with other kids.